Shoe Repair Fourways

We can offer you a wide range of high quality shoe and boot repairs.
We can re-sole and re-heel all types of footwear to the highest standard, and add thin rubber
stick-on soling to prevent slipping and wear.

Shoe Repairs Fourways

Shoe Cobbler Fourways
We have the experience and knowledge to carry out any form of shoe repair. Not only repairing all varieties of men’s and
women’s shoes, We specialise in a range of bespoke repair services from:
Ladies shoe repairs
Recovering or replacement stiletto heels
Replacement insox
Sole & heel replacement
Zip repairs including handbags
We understand the relationship between a woman and her shoes and aim to cater for their every need. We understand as seasons
change so does the fashion, that favourite pair you purchased two seasons ago may no longer be available. But don’t despair because
we work so closely within the footwear manufacturing world we are normally able to offer original parts and services otherwise
unavailable to other repair services. We offer so many services it would be impossible to mention them all, so if you do not see what
you require then please email us and we will endeavour to help.

We repair all kind of shoes while you wait
We provide the best shoe repair service in the Craigavon Fourways. And, the most important we treat your shoes with love. We offer a variety of services such as heel change, sole guard, dying,and more.We provide the best services available, while providing competitive prices and consistent value. That is why our customers always return for more. We invite you to join our family of customers.

Stop in and see how Valley View Cleaners shoe repair and shine can help you today. Valley View Cleaners is moving with time and now offers mobile
service for your shoe repair needs. Don’t have time no problem, call us, and we will have your shoes picked up and dropped off.

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